Glow Cream-25gm

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The Co-Glow cream by Conor Cosmo India has been created with expertise and care to provide you a spotless and confident glow, by reducing dark spots and blemishes on the skin. The Co-Glow Cream consists of Kojic Acid, Wheat Germ Oil and Olive Oil, which are effective ingredients in whitening the skin.

  • White and glowing skin
    The Co-Glow cream consists of three powerful ingredients, Kojic Acid, Wheat Germ Oil and Olive Oil. Each of these ingredients play a strong role in improving the skin tone and whitening it. Kojic Acid is especially useful in controlling melanin production and whitening the skin while also treating skin conditions such as scars and dark spots. The cream will reduce dark spots and blemishes so that you can get a clearer and brighter skin.
  • Reduces Melasma
    Melasma is a skin problem in which grey or brown coloured patches develop on the skin as a result of intense exposure to the sun or hormonal changes in the body. Regular use of the Co-Glow Cream will help in reducing melasma and gaining an even-toned skin.
  • Prevents re-pigmentation and protects from sun-damage
    The Co-Glow cream consists of Olive Oil which is effective in repairing skin damage and preventing the skin from developing pigmentation caused by sun damage which is why the regular application of this cream will not only protect the skin from harmful UV rays but will also prevent the re-pigmentation of skin.
  • Safe and effective
    The Co-Glow cream has been created with ingredients that will safely reduce melanin and show excellent skin whitening effects. Wheat germ oil and olive oil will hydrate and moisturise the skin and provide an extra dose of Vitamin E to improve the skin quality and complexion.


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